Project Year:


Project Brief

“In the first 6 weeks of the semester, students will be formed into groups to research and develop a feasible business idea to present at ‘Pitch Your Project’ at the End of Year Show. They will submit a research reportof their creative industries business idea at the end of the semester.”


“Smart shop improves the way you go about your weekly shop. The business is essentially a smart shopping list app. The idea was to create an app that allows users to input a shopping list, this will then take the items and if deals are on in certain shops it will compare which shop would be cheapest and will advise you to shop at that shop. Smart shop will also create and provide supermarkets with phone holders with custom NFC Tags that open the app upon placing the devices in the holder meaning you never have to type your shopping list or open it.”

Initial Sketch

Before modelling the phone holder, I needed to sketch an idea out to see if could work. This is the first sketch, but I felt it would not be secure due to the hook type click feature. This meant I needed to produce another idea for the product before modelling.

First Prototype Sketch

I managed to sketch out a potential prototype; the design had potential to work, the sketch did not need to be detailed just a rough sketch. If need be I will put any necessary requirements in 3D model.

First Prototype

This is the prototype turned out from the sketch. The product was good but it was not what the team was looking for because the hole on the end was too small compared to the rest of the model.

Final Sketch

I had to go back to the drawing board and put in the adjustments for the phone holder. I came with the idea to put the hole underneath the base because I could easily increase the size of the hole. .

Final Prototype

Here is how the model of the phone holder turned out.

3D Printing Pictures

Final Model

Click to interact with model

Business Presentation

This is our presetation for SmartShop