Project Year:


Final Outcome

Project Brief

This is a client project for Malmesbury and they were looking for "Creation of augmented reality content of Malmesbury Abbey –to show current and historical views of the site, with overlays of information". For the project I needed to model the Malmesbury Gateway, which is apart of Malmesbury Abbey site.


For the research I searched for various different images of the Malmesbury Gateway for reference when modelling the asset needed for the augmented reality app. I always referred back to the images to ensure I correctly modelled the market cross and it helped me to produce an accurate model.

Sketch - Gateway

Before I began the modelling process, I felt it was necessary for myself to draw out the gateway. The sketching of the gateway allowed me to get familiar with the different elements in the building. The sketching also allowed to look at the gateway in finer detail and see things I would normally miss.

Gateway - Reference Pictures

Image below shows how I used the reference images obtained through the research and how I always referred back to these images to makesure that model had the same appearance as the real life gateway.


I started off the modelling process by starting with a cube and I began to build one side of wall which sat on the top.

Next I extruded a small lip on the walls of the gateway to create the small ledge around the entire object.

I started to add in the small trimmings on the top of wall and once I had completed this, I duplicated the wall around the edges of the cube to finish the square appearance on top.

To create the tunnel in middle of the gateway, I produced the shape separately and used the difference tool, and it made the desired look I needed. For the window I simply used an image and overlaid the part and started to create the right curves for the window.

To produce the roundness of the window edges and the small ledges, I used the bevel tool which made the edges less sharp and more like the gateway.

For the edging on the gateway, I used the cube shape and resized to one of the slabs that go up the wall and then with the individual slab I duplicated it until the wall was covered.

The final process for the modelling was the individual modelling of the doors and the gate. Both of the items are made up of various different shapes and then combined together to create the items.


When it came to texturing, I used the keyshot program which is full of different 3d modelling textures. I scanned through the textures and used the ones that was the same the real life gateway.

Final Model

The Final model of the Malmesbury Gateway.