Project Year:


Final outcome

Project Brief

In this project, I was approached by a family member and asked me to produce an invitation flyer for an 18th birthday party. I needed to do some additional work for them, in terms of editing photos and adding borders.


Before starting the project I conducted research in invitations and get inspiration, which would allow me to brainstorm ideas for invitation. The first invite I came across was for a baby shower, it used a flower pattern around the outside to give it content and it is something visually for the receiver to look at. The colours compliment each other well and the background colour does not take away from the information being displayed.

The second inspiration is a generic invitation, it has an elegant design from the font used to the bow across the face of the design. Just by the way the invitation has been designed it suggests it is for fancy party, especially the use of gold; as gold is linked with wealth and class.

The last inspiration is not as formal as the one above, I felt it to be significant for me to pick a range of invitations to allow to gather the information which featured on them all; which is Event, Invitation message, Name, Date and address. These are crucial bits of information, I need to include in my design. The way this invitation has been designed suggests it is intended for a younger audience. The use of yellow, draws the attention of user because it is large, bright and center.


The first sketch is just a basic layout of an invitation, it has border to keep the information contained. I made sure that I included the Five features which appear on most invitations.

The second sketch, I thought to include a picture of the person's birthday & event, I does this because then the recipient would have an idea what they had received without needing to read the information.

Just like before this sketch includes the five key features and at the top of the flyer would be decoration of sorts, it could be flowers etc depending on the client.

This sketch had a larger border which had flowers around the invitation to engage the recipient and not have a bland bit of design.

Client: Feedback

I presented the sketches to the client, they liked what I had produced. However, they looking to have a fancy invitation for the birthday meaning I had to come up with another idea.

Further Development

With the feedback received from the client I kept up with a design which meets their specifications. I incorporated fancy swirls around the edge of border and more fancy elements within the invitation.

Colour Palette

The client already had a colour scheme for the party, so I used those colours to produce a colour palette to be used within the invitation creation.


These are fonts the client used within other elements of the party, so I decided to use these to ensure the invitation fit within branding guidelines created by the client.

Final Layout

This is the layout, I came up with and it includes various fancy elements to give the classy look the client wanted.

Final Photo Design

The client also wanted me to edit photos of the birthday girl and produce a design for the photos to sit in. I reused the border from the invitation because then the two items would be connected.