Project Year:


Project Brief

We were tasked to put on an End of year show, for all of Digital Media Design/Development, where industry and other individuals would attend the show and can see students' work on the course. As a year group, we had to put together a plan on how the show will run and then eventually and when the day comes put on the show. To plan the transmedia show well, we split into smaller groups who were tasked to do different aspects of the show. I put myself in the marketing group, and the marketing team had produce posters, yearbook, leaflets, flyers, stickers, logo and social media banners.

Moodboard/ Theme

For the show, we had to set a theme to follow. We took a vote on different possible themes for the show, and in the end, the retro theme won. It meant we had to produce designs which were retro inspired and had to be in the same decade, to make the branding consistent. I came up with the mood boards with which had different decades of design, as a year group we could vote on the decade retro. It ended up being 50s Retro, and this meant all designs had to look as it were from the 50s.


These were the colours we had to use for the designs, by selecting the colours as a year group, it meant everyone would not have different colours. The colours would be the same and make the brand fit well together.

Page Layout Ideas

I came up with different possible layouts for the yearbook. In the end, I did not get the opportunity to produce some designs, and I had other tasks to do for End of year show.

Logo Sketches

First I started by gathering logos from the 50s to use as inspiration to create some logos for the transmedia show. After this, I used those logos to see the different shapes that were used. I sketched these shapes and then tried to make sure they were incorporated into my logo designs.

Logo Development

Having done the logo sketches for the transmedia show, I recreated them in Illustrator, and this allowed me to make changes to the logos with ease. I kept changing each design of the logos because I felt improvements could be made to the logo designs. I started off by producing logos in black and white, once completed I moved on to adding in colour, Using the colours in the colour palette. I explored various options when selecting the different colour combinations.

Logo One

Logo two

Logo three

Logo four

Logo four

Final logos

After making all the different changes to the logos, I eventually was able to produce final logos of each. The year group got to choose from these logos and others which were not mine. I felt the logos stuck with the retro theme well and got across information about the transmedia show.

Yearbook sketches

When to the yearbook sketches, I did different ways which the yearbook front cover could be laid out. I would use these sketches to create the yearbook front cover designs.

Yearbook Development

For yearbook development, I tried different styles and layouts. Each of the various yearbook covers has its unique qualities. Some yearbook designs I put more improvements but others I could not think of ways to improve.

Yearbook Cover One

Yearbook Cover Two

Yearbook Cover Three

Yearbook Cover Four

Yearbook Cover Five

Yearbook Cover Six

Yearbook Cover Six

Yearbook Cover Six

Final Yearbook Cover

This is the yearbook cover for the transmedia show. There is still work which can be done on the cover, but this is the design for the cover.